My name is Nadja and I am the creative head of REMPEL DESIGN.

With high aspirations for expressing exceptional creativity, along with my never-ending enthusiasm for fashion, I started expanding my knowledge of design at an early age.  During my 14-year career, 
I had the privilege of building an expertise in the concept of collection, as well as technical knowledge regarding fit, quality and workmanship.

During the last few years, I have managed to expand my supplier network and internalize cost structures.  Furthermore, I acquired the ability to adapt to different products and target groups and familiarized myself with a wide range of materials and printing processes.  My fashion sense helps me implement the customers’ goal-oriented wishes quickly and efficiently.  

Outstanding designs, high product demands, and a love for detail are what REMPEL DESIGN is all about!


The following tasks were mainly part of my daily work:

trend & colour research 
visiting fashion fairs
national & international store checks
colour & design concept
fashion & graphic design
sample fitting
visiting supplier in Europe, Turkey and Far East
price negotiations 
buying clothes and accessories
outfit styling
supporting on TV spots, photoshoots, fashion shows & customer events